Our guiding principles

1. Dare to dream. We will give you the tools to push your action sports ability further than you ever thought possible.

2. Setting the benchmark. We will provide a daily combination of world-class facilities and coaching from top professionals, creating a truly inspirational environment.

3. Safety first. We will create a safe, secure and controlled environment for all riders, including safeguarding all children in our care.

4. Going for gold. We welcome everyone to use the facility, from beginner to pro, because we believe anyone can reach the top.

5. Inclusive by nature. We will create a sanctuary for like-minded individuals to express themselves in sports, art, music and fashion.

6. Freedom to fail. We will create a laboratory where it is ok for experiments to fail and where amazing things will happen.

7. A new curriculum. We will work to create an activity-based syllabus because we believe education is more than just sitting in a classroom.

8. Ruled by the riders. We will create a facility which is developed by the riders, for the riders and through a process of continuous improvement will make sure the riders remain our priority.

9. For the next generation. We will increase youth participation in sports and combat the health issues impacting our children, giving them a better start in life.

10. Unquestionable authenticity. Our business model will be rooted in our ethical code of honesty, loyalty and decency with a focus on friendship and family.